Kasper Constructions | Pre-Purchase Building Repair Quotes
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Pre-Purchase Building Repair Quotes

Our philosophy is simple – save you money!

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Are you in the process of buying a house or have you already submitted an offer? Do you want to know how much it’s going to cost to fix the issues identified by the building inspection report? Would you like a detailed quote from a qualified builder outlining the costs that you can then use as leverage with the seller to negotiate on price?

Kasper Constructions and our qualified and experienced builder are here to help!

Our qualified and experienced builder can re-inspect your prospective property and give you a detailed quote outlining the costs to repair the issues outlined in your building inspection report or specific issues as requested by you. You can then take this quote to the seller and use it to negotiate on price!


On the flip side, are you selling your home? Have you been approached by a prospective buyer with a quote to repair issues and defects identified in the building inspection report? Are they asking for you to reduce your sale price?

Our qualified builder can re-inspect your home and provide you with a detailed quote outlining the costs associated with repairing the issues identified in the building report so you are not unfairly negotiated down on your sale price. You can then provide this quote to the buyer so you can fairly and reasonably negotiate any reduction in the sale price.


Our builder is also a licensed Pool Safety Inspector.

If your current or perspective home has a pool, we can conduct an inspection to confirm that the pool is compliant and if not, provide advice on what is required to make the pool compliant and the costs involved in doing so.

Please see our Pool Safety Inspection page for more information and pricing.


We are licenced with the Queensland Building and Construction Commission – QBCC Licence Number: 1252939.


We have the licences, qualifications, experience and insurance you can rely on for your next building project.


Joshua, the Director and founder of Kasper Constructions, will personally oversee your project and work with you.


We have a simple, fixed rate pricing structure and endeavour to provide our quote to you within 48hours of the inspection.

We service all areas of the Greater Brisbane Region, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Toowoomba.

1 bedroom house / garage – $195
2 bedroom house or unit – $295
3 bedroom house or unit – $395
4 bedroom house or unit – $495
5 bedroom house or more – $595

All prices are inclusive of GST and include a site inspection by our qualified builder, a detailed quote and consultations with the client.

Prices are fixed and do not vary depending on how many issues or defects are to be included in the quote.

Completed building inspection report must be provided to our builder prior to inspection. We are unable to provide advice or guidance on the defects or issues identified in a building inspection report. We are able to provide details on the cost of rectifying the issues or defects identified in the building inspection report only. However, we can discuss the contents of the report with your nominated building inspector with your permission.

Call us now to organise your quote and save!